Daniels High Park Condo: Release of Full Floorplans and Pricelist

Daniels High Park Condo: Release of Full Floorplans and Pricelist

After an astounding amount of anticipation and increasing interest, the release of Daniels High Park is upon us. Today was one of the final meetings we had leading up the sale; we got the final insights before the full release of Floorplans and the Pricelist for Daniels High Park. The meeting also gave us a shocking piece of news!

The first exciting piece of information was the release date. We are looking at a June release of the floorplans and pricelist, and a June One Day Buying Seminar. If you haven’t attended one of our One Day Buying Seminars, it is worth the time in attending. You will have guidance and a critical eye helping you sift through floorplans and choose the unit that works best for you.

The estimated price has also been released, and available to registrants (if you haven’t registered yet, do so on the right side of the page). The pricing is quite strong for investment, especially in this type of high end, lifestyle building.

The Shocking Revelation in the High Park Condo Meeting

Our meeting also featured an interesting conversation about the approval process for the area, and the lack of approval in a “competing” project in the neighbourhood. The project first came up on our radar when we noticed the branding, look, and even name closely mimicked that of the Daniels Corporation and Daniels High Park Condo. This is a strategy often employed by smaller developers in order to save on branding and marketing costs.

A much more disturbing piece of information was brought to our attention regarding this “competing” building. The developer of this building was quite worried that their clients, upon realizing that there is a similarly priced product being produced by an infinitely more experienced development corporation being offered in June, rushed to bring their condo to market, with one major derailing detail: they don’t have the approval of the city, or the board who decides whether you’re allowed to build a condo in the city of Toronto or not.

It may be a shock to you, but very often condo developers will sell units based on floorplans on a project that doesn’t have approval. Daniels, the builder of High Park Condos, does no such thing.

What happens if they don’t get approval?

If approval doesn’t go through, there goes your investment! The time equity of your money is gone, your opportunity to purchase a unit in another, competing project is also gone. Learning that there are units being sold on a building without approval was very interesting to us, and we thought for you as well.

Daniels High Park Condo, on the other hand, was approved with the City of Toronto AND the local councillor on the side of the developer. It took an extra year to get this approval, but Daniels High Park Condos are being sold the right way.

For access to floorplans and pricing, and to attend the One Day Buying seminar, register now on the right side of the page.